Sunday, October 28, 2007

your own personal jesus

who is jesus to you?
i mean honestly.
who do you say that he is?
to say that he is lord means
more than you might care to admit
savior of the world
or judge on the throne does he sit?
rabbi one and the same?
tell me by the way you live
just what means to you that name.

we are currently meandering through the gospel of mark (one of the four books of the new testament that record the life of jesus). we are asking the question…what does it mean to follow jesus? what does it really mean to be a disciple of his? what does he mean to us?

so far he is…
mark 1:1 – the son of god…the good news
mark 1:2-8 – the one john pointed to (and we do too)…the one we are not worthy to untie the sandals of…
mark 1:9-11 – the baptized, set apart one…empowered by the spirit…beloved of god

next week…the tempted one.

ah yes…he knows what it is like to be in my shoes…

until then,

peace to you,


Thursday, October 11, 2007

the upper room in the osborne village

the time has come...

our first upper room in the osborne village...

sunday, october 14th @ 4:00pm...

fude restaurant...303-99 osborne st

in the upper room...

pray for us.

peace to you,