Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the upper room l.i.v.e.s.

so we have shifted gears a little at the upper room. we have been meeting at our house and have entered a time of regrouping. in this time of preparing we have been challenging each other to "live" by some simple disciplines. we believe that jesus came to give us life abundant and we believe that life is only experienced as we are discipled by the one who showed us what perfect humanity in touch with perfect divinity looked like. as we follow in the footsteps of jesus we truly live. this is what that looks like from week to week for us:
l - listen to god - for one hour each week we set aside time to quietly listen to the one who created us and speaks life into us.
i - invest in others - we pour ourselves into the lives of at least two people each week. one person that is a part of our community and one that is not.
v - versed in truth - we read one chapter from the gospels (the best way to know jesus is to spend regular time reading his story), one chapter from somewhere else in scripture and one great, inspiring piece of literature.
e - eat with others - this is one of my favorites. we take time to be face to face (not facebook) with people and share food and drink. we do this with at least two people each week. one person that is part of our community and one that is not.
s - sent into the world - each one of us lives as though we are to be the light of the world. we desire to bring peace, love, hope, courage, patience, grace and truth into the places we find ourselves each day. we live as sent people.
l-isten to god - 1 hour
i-nvest in people - 2 people
v-ersed in truth - 3 books
e-at with others - 2 people
s-ent to the world - 1 for all
it is a challenge to follow in the footsteps of jesus, but what a feeling to know that we are his disciples...that is what it means to truly "live".
peace to you,