Sunday, April 12, 2009

he is risen!

he is risen indeed!
peace to you,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the day between

there was really nothing good about yesterday. jesus brutally beaten, spit on and hung on a tree. blood spilling all over the ground. whips tearing at the flesh on his back. insults being hurled as he stumbles with the weight of the cross on his back. the death of jesus is the darkest moment in human history. yesterday he said it is finished.
and today he lies in the tomb.
that which was the light and life of the world seems to be snuffed out. hopelessness is setting in.
so many people live there lives in the day between. not really alive...waiting for redemption, waiting for resurrection...waiting to become fully alive. filled with a numbness, a sense of hopelessness, that this really is as good as it gets.
but there are those who understand that there is a dawn coming. easter is less than a day away. that which was dead will be brought to life again.
tomorrow is easter...which means we all can escape our tombs and live again. and so we wait for the morning...
peace to you,
p.s. the upper room will be having brunch together at derek and heidi's tomorrow instead of our normal 4pm @ if you need directions.